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Usage, implementation top list of analytics technology challenges

Usage and implementation issues top the list of analytics technology challenges, based on a survey. Learn about other challenges and get resources on analytics tools and software.

Usage, implementation top list of analytics technology challenges

Top analytics technology challenges
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Technical issues are high on the list of challenges that businesses are facing with advanced analytics technology, according to the survey. Implementing analytics technology, managing multiple analytics systems and tools, and consolidating analytics technologies all cracked the top four challenges cited by respondents whose organizations were using or had plans to deploy advanced analytics software. Those answers were chosen, respectively, by 38%, 29% and 26% of the respondents, who could select up to three challenges. 

But technical hurdles aren’t the only part of the analytics equation. Using analytics effectively topped the list of challenges in the survey, with 42% of existing or planned analytics users saying that it was one of their biggest issues. In addition, expanding analytics technology to more end users and getting funding and executive support for analytics projects tied for fifth place among the challenges, at 25%. According to industry analysts, deploying analytics tools and software requires a sharp focus on the human aspects of projects, such as collaborating with business users and ensuring that they successfully adopt the new technology.

Analytics technology resources:

  • In-database analytics can cut the cost and improve the performance of data-intensive analytical processes, analysts say. Learn about other potential benefits and uses of in-database analytics technology, and see who it is, and isn’t, suited for.
  • Data analytics software helped one grape farm validate the use of a new type of trellis, showing that it made employees more efficient during the harvesting process. Find out how officials at the farming company evaluated, implemented and leveraged analytics software to improve operations.
  • Get up to speed on advanced business analytics trends and technologies such as in-memory analytics and complex event processing software. Such tools are mature enough to consider for enterprise adoption, analysts say. But organizations need to be sure they’re ready for the tools.
  • Because it’s such a new technology, successful social media analytics efforts require both commitment and a willingness to experiment, according to users and analysts. See why one customer intelligence director said that social media analytics projects are an ongoing process, not a one-time event.

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