'Big data' analytics: Hype or the real thing?

“Big data” analytics gained a lot of momentum in 2011 as a potential way for companies to take full advantage of all the structured and unstructured data they’re collecting to help make sound business decisions -- and get competitive advantages over their business rivals. But is it all hype, or is there real business value to be gained by analyzing big data? To find out, SearchBusinessAnalytics.com Editorial Director Hannah Smalltree sat down with consultant Jill Dyche to ask her what the big deal is about big data.

In this five-minute video interview recorded at the Pacific Northwest BI Summit 2011 in Grants Pass, Ore., viewers will:


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You hit the head of the nail with the hammer. I work for a company that when I migrate there laptops, I am transferring data with created dates from 1998. These 160 GB hard drives are having only 65 GB of free space. I can only Migrate two or three computers a night because it takes so long to transfer the data.
Employees that have been with the company for 20 years has data 8 to 12 years old siting on those drives, and if you forget to transfer it they yell "you lost 10 years of my data". What happens when the hard drive fails, then they pay thousands to save it?