Dyché: BI technology investments require a message and a messenger

Analyst firms such as Gartner publish survey results insisting business intelligence (BI) is a top priority for CIOs, but finding broader C-level executive support -- and the budget -- for BI and data management investments is sometimes easier said than done.

"A lot of executives we've talked to say, 'Hey, we've invested a lot in BI. We have two of everything. We don't really need new BI technologies,'" said Jill Dyché, vice president of thought leadership at software vendor SAS Institute Inc. and a long-time industry analyst. "That conversation is really about executives maybe not knowing what they don't know in terms of new, emerging technologies."

Dyché and Kim Dossey, manager of third-party industry consultants at Teradata Corp., led one of the last sessions at the 11th annual Pacific Northwest BI Summit on what CEOs (and C-level executives) want to know about emerging technologies.

To put it simply, Dyché said, "They want to understand strategically how emerging technologies can help them."

Building a case is only half of what business users and IT departments need to do to persuade executives to invest in new technology. They also need to find a messenger, Dyché said, which can prove to be the most challenging, but most critical, component.

In this video interview, recorded at the summit in Grants Pass, Ore., Dyché spoke further with Nicole Laskowski, SearchBusinessAnalytics.com's news editor, about what C-level executives want to know about emerging technologies.

In this video, viewers will learn:

  • How to pitch a BI or data management investment possibility to a C-level executive;
  • Why most BI and data management investments are reactive;
  • How to turn reactive responses into something more proactive;
  • Why BI and data management investments are really a people issue; and
  • Tips on how to get investment pitches in front of the right people at the right time.
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