Why you should keep your 'big data' technology small -- for now

“Big data” technology is one of the hottest topics in business intelligence (BI) and data warehousing circles. Potential users can find lots of advice on how to tap into the power of big-data analytics, how to overcome the challenges that come with implementing a big-data project and how the emerging job category of data scientists can help companies make sense of big data. But big data can mean big problems if companies aren’t careful about how they approach it.

For example, data storage can be a budget-buster. “Big data needs big storage, and storage is expensive,” says James Kobielus, a senior analyst at Forrester Research Inc. “The data storage footprint in your IT budget is growing and growing, and it can max out your IT budget if you’re not careful.”

In this video interview recorded at the Strata Conference 2011 in New York, Wayne Eckerson, director of research for TechTarget Inc.’s Business Applications and Architecture Media Group, gets Kobielus’ take on why it’s important for companies to keep their big-data technology small -- for now.

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